About me – a couple of words about the person behind Marquis De Morning:

The Beginning
My real name is Adam, I was born in the summer of 1990 in Nothern Poland where I was brought up, where I had graduated, worked and now I’m still living there. A wide spectre of living in almost every possible area of the region from a big metropolia, a city, a small town and finally (up to date) a rural village inspired me to start making music based on what I had experienced and all the beautiful sights I’ve seen throughout that time. DSCF0082.JPG

It was not until 2010 when I started looking at music from a different perspective, grabbed a DAW which I’m using to this day, and since then I released about 150 pieces of music into the web under a different moniker. I do not wish to share any work from that time though, it is a closed chapter. Apart from music I’m interested in history: battles, formations, weaponry from the XVII-XVIII centuries. I also enjoy sightseeing where I collect pictures and videos of nature. These are later accompanied by music – as seen on the Marquis De Morning alias.

Origin of Marquis De Morning
In 2015 I knew I was going to leave my beloved hometown and it seemed like a perfect time to finish this “era” and sum it up. I decided to gather as many audio and visual material from places I’m inspired by and form a musical journey – from childhood to adulthood. The idea to create an alias for myself and go by the name of Marquis De Morning came up pretty quick. “Marquis” is my real-life nickname, while “de Morning” can be translated as “of the province of Morning”.

Therefore, Marquis is a fictional character, an owner of a Manor and a tiny province of Morning in the XVIII c. I wish that the music I create would have a dual-meaning. One for me and my real life and one for the fictional character.

Future Plans
After having a break of almost 3 years, I came back to making music and I want to release new material regurarly. First of all improving my skills would be vital for further production, there are areas that need improvement but with the self-taught attitude I have it might take take a long time. Collaborating with other musicians, rappers and singers is in the big picture as well. I also want to invest into equipment, completely new setup is needen from monitors to headphones. It’s not a secret that I’d want to perform in front of some local audience in the future, that would mean more equipment and of course – training. I’ll have to admit I got every step planned, it’s just a matter of time.

Current Equipment:
– PC with a DAW
– Several cheap plucked and wind instruments
– Medium-tier audio interface
– Under 200$ headphones and 20 years old speaker-system
– Tape deck
– Tape casettes to record stuff on
– A 66-key keyboard
– Psychoactive substances, experience and lots of imagination