Marquis1744 “Kaczor-Rex” EP out now.

A short, 7-tracked EP called “Kaczor-Rex” is what I present to you on this day, to celebrate 04.20.2018. I released it under my second alias, Marquis 1744The name of the EP is taken from polish – “Kaczor” meaning “Drake” and “Rex” is latin for “King”. “The King Of Ducks” has a proverbial meaning around my community and is a slang term used by my friends to express an intense feeling after a deep smoke was inhaled.

The EP consists of 7 tracks which I would describe as post-manoranoesque. From more electronic hip-hop instrumentals to a fresh breeze in the middle of the night and a bit of a village-folksy fun-theme. These were made during my winter break. Suprisingly, I didn’t plan to post any new tracks since Manorano was released a month ago, but I had these done quickly in two sessions and lost some project files so there would be no continuation to these. No need for them to “gather dust” on the HDD.

I look forward to release a series of EPs with the “Kaczor-Rex” theme. With a celebration to every year’s 4/20, I wish you all the best and spend the day happily. Enjoy the EP if you wish.

Cover-art, Download, Stream on all formats below:


01 – Tylko Trzy Chmury
02 – Kaczor-Rex
03 – Kaseciak Wjeżdża
04 – Wszystkie Kolorowe Szlugi
05 – Żywa Reklama Zielonego Piwa
06 – Jak W Kurniku, A Czego Się Spodziewałeś?
07 – Późny Wlot Do Bazy

Direct Download (Google Drive) MP3, WAV
– WAV: BandCamp
– MP3: SoundCloud