Manorano Album Released

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Manorano is an album, anthology, a collection or whatever you might call it of tracks that I created in the past two years from its release. It is something that I wanted to create for quite some time. I think that most important parts of my life are enclosed by a collection of music and Manorano is telling a story about one of them. I like to call this “an enclosure of a chapter”, “the end of an act”, “the dusk of a season”. When I knew I was going to move to a different place, I knew that Manorano would be a great opportunity to encompass the memories in a piece of music. This is my way of remembering very detailed thoughts and events that happened in my life. It is up to the listener to create his own stories while listening to Manorano and hopefully, they will be as colorful as mine are.

Within an idea of forming an alias for my music, I wanted to create a dual-story, one for the fictional character – the Marquis, and one for my real self. This might not seem like the simplest thing to do in music but the urge to create something more than just a pile of .wav files was overwhelming. Although it may not be the most coherent of albums you had ever heard, Manorano flow simultaneously through one day, almost 24 hours from dawn to dusk of both characters. While we both start watching the sun rising, activities differ further on. When I’m shopping for Groceries, Marquis watches how peasants work the field, while I’m sightseeing on a hill, he’s overseeing the picking of vegetables, he’s attending ballrooms, I’m catching up a couple of beers with some lads.

Stylistically and sonically, Manorano is something I was after for a long time. Being influenced by my favourite artists I tried to create something that vibrates certainity that it was made by me. The lion’s share of the record was made on the computer, there is a fraction of real instruments recorded, in example the track “Morn-Day Off” contained a recording from a duo of brothers from Ohio, “Aggro Crops, Warrior Tapes” includes a sample from a video-game which I had to clear with the original creator and another one is on the “Marreco Sol” track. Otherwise it’s all done in the DAW by me, sounds of nature, enviroment and furniture are originally recorded by me in my home town. The drums aren’t made out of loops. So it’s only a DAW, some softsynths, a guitar, a keyboard, a tape deck for that streched-out and pitch manipulated warble retro-sound and that’s it.

With Manorano’s release I am almost certain that it will not be the last of Marquis’ journeys. Bear in mind that I haven’t mentioned he’s got a regiment of troops to guard his province and being a Line Infantry Officer he might get called up to…well, you’ll hear and see for yourself.