An Heir From Exile/Manor Rano (taken from “Manorano”)

Taken from the upcoming album “Manorano” (released 21.03.2018). These tracks are meant to provide the general vibe of the album exposing both the folksy tape-ish guitars and electronic beats. This is basically the essence of “Manorano”. Listen and download:

The full album is going to be released on 21.03.2018. Full Tracklist and cover-art (front and back) below:

1. The 4 AM Campaign
2. Aggro Crops, Warrior Tapes
3. Fertile Farms
4. Corebere’s Creek
5. Grocery Shopping
6. Mid Ten
7. Playground Tidbit
8. Morn-Day Off (feat. Ghost The Garden)
9. Seeing Kid’s Vision; Camel De Citron
10. Bonus To Harvesting
11. Next Agro Lead Opening
12. Hill Vantage Point
13. A Guide To Travelling And Exploring
14. Grayish On The Meadow
15. Steam-Powered Herb
16. River And Windmill
17. Aqua Qua El Qua
18. Windy Ports And Wooden Vessels
19. High Priestessss
20. Of Every Town Fair
21. Last Wharf
22. Marreco Sol
23. Ballroom Musket Shootout
24. Rural Observer
25. Manor Rano
26. An Heir From Exile
27. Black Prussian Grenadiers
28. Carriage Chase
29. Intense Stick
30. Ornaté Armaté
31. Half On Half
32. When No Pictures Can Be Taken
33. Czas Nocnych Szwoleżerów
34. Household Stronghold
35. Eskejar

Marquis De Morning - Manorano Cover Front
Marquis De Morning - Manorano Cover Back